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Lets help the under privileged children’s  education


Lets visit orphanage & look into their needs    



                 This is proposed to arrange a good level entertainment musical event will be arranged in a community hall of about 700 sitting capacity in good locality of Mumbai inviting respectable people of the society , officials of woman empowerment ministry, social workers & common people with free to all attending.

               Here the basic message of empowerment of woman will be conveyed in audience consisting of all the sections & walks  of the society  through the authorises & officers who are working for this field  , through honouring the achievers, writers, intellectuals , speech & audio visual medium .

Thus message will be conveyed in a decent & entertaining manner in the proper sections of the society.

Budget for the event will be as given below .

Event for encouraging Women Empowerment
With chief guest from concened deptt & prominent people of the society
sr no. item. qty unit price amount
1 Auditorium Hall booking capacity around 700 persons  say dinannath mangeshkar hall mumbai 1 35000 35000
2 Musicians 10 7000 70000
3 Light & sound 1 20000 20000
4  LED screen 1 25000 25000
5 Videography , photography for later on spreading the message on social media 1 25000 25000
6 Pre & post advertising , publishing & brochure about event 1 40000 40000
7 Singers 4 15000 60000
8 LED  Projector for presentations 1 7000 7000
9 Transport & conveyance 1 10000 10000
10 Decoration & greeting bouquets for chief guests etc 1 7000 7000
Total 299000


proposal 2                                                             Mumbai,India

Better Society through Education, Art, Research & Service

Mumbai, India | CIN::U93030MH2014NPL260053 | vichardarshan@gmail.com | message only: 9833808907


                         Conduct cleanliness awareness in residents of dharavi slums locality of Mumbai. Concept of cleanliness doesn’t cost anything but changing of habits & improves the hygiene & inturn health conditions of the area

Area is full of filth & dirt & therefore, there is an urgent need to spread awareness on the issue in the area. THIS IS OUR NATIONAL MISSION ALSO

Vichar Darshan Foundation will teach common residents of the area the fundamentasl of cleanliness & hygiene through wise people of their area & health science experts of BMC & concerned officers of Deptt

This will help them to understand importance of living healthy & decent way  in the area without costing anything. or minimal expense

Costing in INR

Number of beneficiaries around 100
Invitation cards, with broachers, transport arrangement for main guests & speakers 5000
Prizes for winners of question answer session 2000
Audio visual equipment rental 3000
Temp Elect Power connection 1000
Reading materials during camp 7000
Rent for training venue arrangement @ Rs. 3000 3000
Refreshment during training 5000
Cleaning material samples packets, DDTpowder & broachers to visitors 4000
Total Costing 300000